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Johanna K.

What a great place to get a sweet treat! I always get the chocolate chip cookie because I'm a sucker for a classic.

I've had the Butterfinger ice cream and the pistachio, and both were excellent.

The owners are wonderful people too, and I love supporting a local business. Give them a follow on social media, find where they're at currently, and go give them a try! You won't regret it.

Tami M.

Oh my...just discovered Kurbside Sweets food truck! Yes, there was a u-turn involved once we spotted them.

Really cool concept. Pretty much design your own ice cream sandwich. My pick was Blue Bell Cookie Dough Ice Cream sandwiched between Snickerdoodle Cookies. Think I heard harps playing with the very first bite! Total deliciousness! Super friendly staff, fast service, and easy to understand menu boards. What a happy, happy place!!

Chasity D.

Man! What is not to love about this place?! I am thrilled to have finally gotten a chance to give it a try, after Facebook stalking them on many Lubbock trips but never being able to make it over to them. The ice cream and cookies are just out of this world, and the service couldn't possibly be any better! I love that they have plenty of ways to customize without it being overwhelming to people like myself, who are paralyzed by indecision when presented with too many choices! This place is a must try.

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